M D Archive

A unique collection of valuable drawings, contemporary photographs, letters and planning documents tell the story of the partnership between two of the greatest designers of our age, Charles Mewès (1860 – 1914) and Arthur Joseph Davis (1878 – 1951). Between them they spanned architectural styling as flamboyant as The Ritz Hotel in London, built at the height of the ‘beaux arts’ period of decoration, to interiors for some of the world’s greatest liners including those from the The Hamburg – Amerika and Cunard Shipping Lines.

Today their remarkable attention to detail is fully recognised – be it the production of ergonomically designed door handles or bathroom taps for the many and great hotels and private houses, or the highly decorated Royal Doulton porcelain, produced to complement the luscious interiors of restaurants and bars. Theirs was the age of elegance, high taste and excess, reflected in the buildings and monuments designed at the start of the 20c.

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